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William Vaine (or Vane as he normally spelt his surname in later life) was born in 1833 in Alresford, Hampshire, and baptised there on 1 October, the second son of Edmund and Frances Vaine (née Whitear).[1] On the 1841 census, the family were living on Gilbert Street, Ropley, the village east from New Alresford, where Edmund was working as a carpenter.[2] A decade later the family had moved to Overton, Hampshire, and were living on West Street, the modern High Street; William's occupation was given as a "labourer sometimes carpenter".[3]

William married Maria Fry on 16 June 1859 at Overton,[4] and their first child Alice was born that November.[5] On the 1861 census they were living on Winchester Street,[6] in 1871 they had moved to Dublin Street,[7] seemingly an old name for Kingsclere Road, and in 1881 they had moved again to Church Street.[8] On each of these censuses his occupation was given as a groom or domestic groom. Their fifteenth and final child, Albert, was born in 1884 in Overton,[9] after which they moved to 3 Alma Road (now called Burgess Road), Bassett,[10] a suburb of Southampton in North Stoneham parish; they remained there until shortly before their deaths.[9]

He died on 28 Aug 1917.

Children & grandchildren

  • Alice Vane (1859–1947). Married Frederick Digweed (1861–1925).
    • Emily Selina Vane (b 1880). Married Edmund James Grimes (1876–1940).
    • Seth Cox Vaine (b 1881).
    • Fred Digweed (b 1892).
    • Lilian Ellen Digweed (1892–1971). Married Victor William H A Roper (1894–1975).
    • Andrew William Digweed (1894–1966). Married Lilian Blanche Woodrow (1896–1977).
  • William Vane (1861–1944). Married Alice Osmond (1861–1955).
    • Florrie May Vane (b 1884). Married Thomas Frankland.
    • Alice Daisy Vane (1885–1911). Married Harry Sheldon.
    • Elizabeth Annie Vane (1887–1889).
    • William John Vane (1889–1890).
    • Kate Vane (b 1890).
    • Lillian Vane (1892–1921).
    • Freda Vane (b 1897). Married Howard Carter (1894–1955).
  • Jane Vane (b 1863). Married Mark Smith (1865–1929).
    • Rose Vaine Smith (1890–1973). Married Edward J Mansbridge.
    • Andrew William M Smith (b 1894). Married Winifred C Davis (b 1896).
  • Ann Vane (1865–1866).
  • Mary Vane (b 1866). Married William Sands (b 1853).
  • Ellen Vane (b 1868). Married Frank Goulding (1872–1956).
    • May Goulding (b 1893). Married Horace A Thompson.
    • Ellen Goulding (b 1896).
    • Agnes Louisa G Goulding (1900–1906).
    • Stanley Francis Goulding (1908–2001). Married Irene Muriel M Tuck (1908–1971).
  • Kate Vane (1869–1925). Married Richard Henry Cogger (1867–1939).
    • Richard Henry Vane Cogger (1901–1964). Married Gladys K M Dawes (b 1909).
  • Annie Rose Vane (b 1871).
  • Edith Vane (1872–1951). Married George Smith (1874–1952).
    • George Archibald Smith (1901–1973). Married Kathleen Helena Richardson (1907–1998).
    • Lionel Vane "John" Smith (1903–1980). Married Gwendoline Mary Moody (1905–1972).
    • Albert Edward Smith (1905–1983). Married Kate Alice Hogben (1906–1978).
    • Doris Smith (1909–1985). Married Victor Carter (1900–1985).
  • Maria Vane (b 1874).
  • Edward John Vane (1875–1944). Married Annie Hoskins Owton (1875–1950).
    • Dorothy Margaret Vane (b 1902). Married Kenneth W Daniels (b 1908).
    • Edward Maurice Vane (1905–1965). Married Irene E Smith (1908–1993).
    • Leonard Alan Vane (1907–1974).
    • Patrick William Vane (1910–1991). Married Doris E Hinton.
  • Edmund Vane (1877–1958). Married Mildred Elizabeth Emery (1892–1969).
  • Louisa Vane (1879–1883).
  • Andrew Vane (1882–1928). Married Margaret Rose Grant (1884–1953).
    • Leslie Grant Vane (1907–1991). Married Phyllis M Laughton (1911–1984).
    • John William Vane (1908–1989). Married Marian Laura Kernan (1911–1998).
    • Donald A Vane (1914–1916).
  • Albert Vane (1884–1958). Married Sarah R Martin (1894–1977).
    • Doris Vane (1917–1996). Married Frederick Ernest Hicks (1913–1983).
    • Elsie Vane (1919–2006). Married William A Scott.
    • Iris Joan Vane (1921–2007). Married (i) Charles Arthur Lionel Manship (1917–1942), (ii) John R Marshall.
    • Donald A Vane (1925–1980). Married (i) Patricia C Miller, (ii) Barbara M Philpott.

(Note: The baptism register at Overton includes a further child, Frank Vane, baptised on the same day in 1869 as Ellen. He does not appear on the 1871 census or any subsequent one, nor is there a suitable birth or death registration for him. The 1911 census states that William and Maria only had fifteen children, and they are all accounted for above. Possibly he was an unrelated child baptised on the same day as Ellen, and the priest or clerk made an error writing up the register, copying Ellen's parents' names instead of Frank's.)


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