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Welcome to,
home to Richard's random genealogical musings.

Welcome to my new family history home page. There's not very much here at the moment, and what there is isn't very well organised. But over time I home to upload more research, as well as discussion on genealogical techniques and software.

Recently I've not found much time to work on personal research as I've joined the Board of the Family History Information Standards Organisation (or FHISO). We recently announced the start of technical work on a new genealogical standard, and this has occupied a lot of my spare time.

You may be wondering who the chap in the corner is. It is a modern depiction of St Arnulf, Bishop of Metz (c582–640), commonly said to be the earliest Western European from whom well-documented post-mediæval descents exist. I have recently traced a descent from him.

What's new?

6 Sept 2014 Research into the Bull family of the New Forest.
3 July 2014 An review of WikiTree I wrote back in April.
23 May 2014 Research into the Lovell family of Eling, possibly leading to a Plantagenet descent.
23 May 2014 A table of my known ancestors.
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