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  1. Henry III, King of England (1207-1272)
    = Eleanor de Provence (c1223-1291)
  2. Edmund, 1st Earl of Lancaster & Leicester (1245-1296)
    = Blanche d'Artois (c1248-1302)
  3. Henry, 3rd Earl of Lancaster & Leicester (1281-1345)
    = Maud Chaworth (1282-1322?)
  4. Eleanor of Lancaster (1318-1372)
    = Richard FitzAlan, 10th or 3rd Earl of Arundel (c1306-1375)
  5. John FitzAlan, 1st Baron Arundel (c1347-1379)
    = Eleanor Maltravers (c1345-1405)
  6. Joan FitzAlan (c1367-1404)
    = William de Echyngham, knight (1360-1412)
  7. Thomas de Echyngham, knight (1401-1444)
    = Margaret Knyvett (c1400-c1469)
  8. Anne de Echyngham (c1430-1498)
    = John Rogers (c1425-1450)
  9. Henry Rogers, knight, of Bryanston, Dorset (1446-c1506)
    × illegitimate child by unknown woman
  10. Margaret [Rogers?] (c1480-?)
    = Richard Lovell, gentleman, of Eling, Hants (c1480-1540?)
  11. Henry Lovell, gentleman, of Eling, Hants (c1510-1556)
    = Edith Camplin (c1510-?)
  12. Henry Lovell, gentleman, of Eling, Hants (1547?-1612)
    = Bridget Rickman (c1555-1615)
  13. John Lovell, gentleman?, of Eling & Ringwood, Hants (1601-1643)
    = Jane Howell
  14. Jane Lovell (1629-1695)
    = Francis Bull, yeoman?, of Ringwood, Hants (1625-1688?)
  15. Charles Bull, gentleman, of Beaulieu, Hants (1667-?)
    = Mary Braxton (1667-?)
  16. Charles Bull, of Beaulieu, Hants (1694-?)
    = Margaret Barns (1690-?)
  17. Charles Bull, of Boldre, Hants (1726-1774)
    = Sarah Monger (?-1791)
  18. Mary Bull (1756-1831)
    = Henry Thomas, labourer, of Beaulieu, Hants (1757-1848?)
  19. Elizabeth Thomas (1791-1876)
    = William Harding, cordwainer, of Beaulieu, Hants (1782-1860)
  20. Frances Harding (1811-1873)
    = Charles Samuel Croutear, fisherman, of Boldre, Hants (1809-1893)


Generations 1–6 follow well-known Plantagenet and FitzAlan lines and can be found in most good references on royal genealogy, such as Douglas Richardson's Royal Ancestry. They do not particularly need further discussion here. The Echyngham family in generations 7–8 is less well known, but can also be found briefly in Royal Ancestry. In due course, I hope to add more notes on that family. There is some discussion on generations 8–9 in the discussion of the Rogers family of Bryanston, which is a family I'm actively researching. Generations 9–14 are discussed in detail on the Lovell family of Eling page and include the weakest link in the descent which is John Lovell: whether the John who married Jane Howell is the same John who was baptised in 1601, son of Henry. For the next generations, 14–18, the line follows the Bull family of the New Forest, a line I have researched over the last few years and seems moderately solid, though there is an small possibility that the Charles Bull in generation 17 conflates two people. The more recent generations can be found in the tables of my ancestors.

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