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Douglas Richardson's Royal Ancestry, subtitled "a study in colonial and medieval families", is a work published in five volume and running to nearly 4000 pages documenting the descendants of William the Conqueror with particular reference to those mediæval English families from whom the early American colonists descended. It was published in 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It's a useful reference work, and while not faultless seems quite reliable. However, its layout is poor, making it hard to locate entries and cross-reference people. This page contains a convenient index of the ancestors of Anne Echyngham found in that work, numbered using the usual ancestral numbering scheme. Anne is my 15× great grandmother, ancestor #146,501.

My royal ancestry comes mainly through Henry, 3rd Earl of Lancaster, my 20× great grandfather, my ancestor #9,376,106, and #42 relative to Anne. I have picked out his ancestors' numbers in red in the table below.

I have only just started checking this data, initially by correlating it against Leo van de Pas's Genealogics website, shown below in the "G" column. A indicates broad agreement, a + means that Genealogics show more parents than Royal Ancestry, and a means the person does not feature on Genealogics. However a means there is a substantive contradiction between Royal Ancestry and Genealogics.


Generation XVIII — 15× great grandparents

Name Reference(s) Page(s) G
1 Anne Echingham ECHINGHAM-11; TUCHET-16 II.484; V.199
2 Thomas Echingham ECHINGHAM-11 II.484
3 Margaret Knyvet GURDON-13; ECHINGHAM-11 III.173; II.484
4 William Echingham ECHINGHAM-10 II.482
5 Joan Arundel ARUNDEL-9; ECHINGHAM-10 I.151; II.482
6 John Knyvet GURDON-13 III.173
7 Joan Botetourt BOTETOURT-8; GURDON-13 I.456; III.173
8 William de Echingham ECHINGHAM-10 II.482
9 Elizabeth ECHINGHAM-10 II.482
10 John de Arundel FITZALAN-11; ARUNDEL-9 II.609; I.149
11 Eleanor Mautravers ARUNDEL-9 I.149
12 John Knyvet KNYVET-12 III.449
13 Eleanor Basset BASSET-11; KNYVET-12 I.264; III.449
14 John Botetourt BOTETOURT-8 I.456
15 Katherine de Weyland BOTETOURT-8 I.456
20 Richard Arundel FITZALAN-11 II.606
21 Eleanor of Lancaster LANCASTER-8; FITZALAN-11 III.483; II.607
22 John Mautravers ARUNDEL-8 I.148
23 Gwenthlian ARUNDEL-8 I.148
24 Richard Knyvet KNYVET-12 III.449
25 Joan de Worth KNYVET-12 III.449
26 Ralph Basset BASSET-11 I.263
27 Joan BASSET-11 I.263
28 Otes Botetourt BOTETOURT-8 I.455
29 Sibyl BOTETOURT-8 I.455
30 Robert de Weyland BOTETOURT-8 I.456
31 Cecily de Baldock BOTETOURT-8 I.456
40 Edmund de Arundel FITZALAN-10 II.603
41 Alice de Warenne WARENNE-10; FITZALAN-10 V.313; II.603
42 Henry of Lancaster LANCASTER-8 III.483
43 Maud de Chaworth CHAWORTH-7; LANCASTER-8 II.140; III.483
44 John Mautravers ARUNDEL-7 I.147
45 Milicent de Berkeley BERKELEY-6; ARUNDEL-7 I.330; I.147
50 John de Worth KNYVET-12 III.449
52 Richard Basset BASSET-10 I.263
53 Joan de Huntingfield HUNTINGFIELD-9; BASSET-10 III.380; I.263
56 John Botetourt BOTETOURT-8 I.451
57 Maud fitz Thomas BOTETOURT-8 I.451
62 Thomas de Baldock BOTETOURT-8 I.456
80 Richard fitz Alan FITZALAN-9 II.599
81 Alice di Saluzzo SALUZZO-8; FITZALAN-9 IV.553; II.600
82 William de Warenne WARENNE-10 V.313
83 Joan de Vere VERE-3; WARENNE-10 V.257; V.313
84 Edmund of England ENGLAND-6; LANCASTER-7 I.63; III.476
85 Blanche of Artois ARTOIS-9; LANCASTER-7 I.143; III.476
86 Patrick de Chaworth CHAWORTH-7 II.139
87 Isabel de Beauchamp BEAUCHAMP-9; CHAWORTH-7 II.287; II.140
88 John Mautravers ARUNDEL-7 I.147 +
89 Eleanor de Gorges ARUNDEL-7 I.147
90 Maurice de Berkley BERKELEY-6 I.330
91 Eve de Zouche BERKELEY-6 I.330
104 Ralph Basset BASSET-10 I.263
105 Eleanor de la Wade BASSET-10 I.263
106 Roger de Huntingfield HUNTINGFIELD-9 III.380
107 Joyce d'Engaine HUNTINGFIELD-9 III.380
112 Guy Botetourt BOTETOURT-8 I.451
113 Ada BOTETOURT-8 I.451
114 Thomas fitz Otes BOTETOURT-7 I.449
115 Beatrice de Beauchamp BOTETOURT-7 I.449
160 John fitz Alan FITZALAN-8 II.597
161 Isabel de Mortimer MORTIMER-8; FITZALAN-8 IV.168; II.597
162 Tommaso I, Marquis of Saluzzo SALUZZO-8 IV.553
163 Aluisia de Ceva SALUZZO-8 IV.553
164 John de Warenne WARENNE-9 V.310
165 Alice de Lusignan WARENNE-9 V.310
166 Robert de Vere VERE-3 V.254
167 Alice de Sanford VERE-3 V.254 +
168 Henry III, King of England ENGLAND-6 I.58
169 Eleanor of Provence ENGLAND-6 I.58
170 Robert of France FRANCE-8; ARTOIS-9 III.27; I.143
171 Mahaut of Brabant BRABANT-6; ARTOIS-9 I.502; I.143
172 Patrick de Chaworth CHAWORTH-6 II.138
173 Hawise de London CHAWORTH-6 II.138
174 William de Beauchamp BEAUCHAMP-9 I.285
175 Maud fitz John VERDUN-8; BEAUCHAMP-9 V.242; I.285
178 Ralph de Gorges ARUNDEL-7 I.147
180 Thomas de Berkeley BERKELEY-5 I.327
181 Joan de Ferrers FERRERS-7; BERKELEY-5 II.565; I.327
182 Eudes de Zouche BERKELEY-6 I.330
183 Milicent de Cantelowe CANTELOWE-6; BERKELEY-6 II.83; I.330
210 Henry de la Wade BASSET-10 I.263
212 William de Huntingfield HUNTINGFIELD-8 III.379
213 Emma de Grey HUNTINGFIELD-8 III.379
214 John d'Engaine HUNTINGFIELD-9 III.380
215 Joan de Greinville HUNTINGFIELD-9 III.380
228 Otes fitz William BOTETOURT-7 I.449
230 William de Beauchamp BOTETOURT-6 I.449
231 Ida Longespée LONGESPÉE-5; BOTETOURT-6 III.607; I.449
320 John fitz Alan FITZALAN-7 II.596
321 Maud de Verdun FITZALAN-7 II.596
322 Roger de Mortimer MORTIMER-8 IV.166
323 Maud de Brewes BRIWERRE-5; MORTIMER-8 I.557; IV.166
324 Manfredo III, Marquis of Saluzzo SALUZZO-7 IV.553
325 Beatrice of Savoy SALUZZO-7 IV.553
326 Giorgio I, Marquis of Ceva SALUZZO-8 IV.553 +
327 Menzia SALUZZO-8 IV.553
328 William de Warenne WARENNE-8 V.308
329 Maud Marshal MARSHALL-3; WARENNE-8; BIGOD-7 IV.47; V.309; I.364
330 Hugues X, Count of La Marche ENGLAND-5; WARENNE-9 I.46; V.310
331 Isabel of Angoulême ENGLAND-5; WARENNE-9 I.46; V.310
332 Hugh de Vere VERE-2 V.253
333 Hawise de Quincy QUINCY-6; VERE-2 IV.437; V.253
334 Gilbert de Sanford VERE-3 V.254
336 John, King of England ENGLAND-5 I.43
337 Isabel de Angoulême See #331, above.
338 Raymond Bérenger V, Marquis of Provence ENGLAND-6 I.58 +
339 Béatrice of Savoy ENGLAND-6 I.58
340 Louis VIII, King of France FRANCE-8 III.26
341 Blanche of Castile CASTILE-5; FRANCE-8 II.115; II.26
342 Henri II, Duke of Brabant BRABANT-6 I.502
343 Maria von Hohenstaufen BRABANT-6 I.502
344 Pain de Chaworth CHAWORTH-5 II.137
345 Gundred de la Ferté BRIWERRE-3; CHAWORTH-5 I.555; II.137
346 Thomas de London CHAWORTH-6 II.138
347 Eve fitz Warin CHAWORTH-6 II.138
348 William de Beauchamp BEAUCHAMP-8 I.284
349 Isabel Mauduit BEAUCHAMP-8 I.284
350 John fitz Geoffrey ESSEX-2; VERDUN-8 II.516; V.238
351 Isabel le Bigod BIGOD-7; VERDUN-8 I.366; V.238
360 Maurice de Berkeley BERKELEY-4 I.326
361 Isabel de Dover ATHOLL-9; BERKELEY-4 I.185; I.326
362 William de Ferrers FERRERS-7 II.561
363 Margaret de Quincy QUINCY-7; FERRERS-7 IV.449; II.561
364 Roger la Zouche CANTELOWE-6 II.83 +
365 Margaret Biset CANTELOWE-6 II.83
366 William de Cantelowe CANTELOWE-5 II.82
367 Eve de Brewes BRIWERRE-5; CANTELOWE-5 I.557; II.82
424 Roger de Huntingfield HUNTINGFIELD-7 III.377
425 Joan de Howbridge HUNTINGFIELD-7 III.377
426 John de Grey HUNTINGFIELD-8 III.379
427 Emma de Cauz HUNTINGFIELD-8 III.379
430 Gilbert de Greinville HUNTINGFIELD-9 III.380
460 Simon de Beauchamp BOTETOURT-6 I.449
461 Isabel BOTETOURT-6 I.449
462 William Longespée ENGLAND-4; LONGESPÉE-5 I.40; III.599
463 Ela of Salisbury LONGESPÉE-5 III.599
640 John fitz Alan FITZALAN-6 II.596
641 Isabel d'Aubeney FITZALAN-6 II.596
642 Thebaud le Boteler FITZALAN-7 II.596 +
643 Rohese de Verdun FITZALAN-7 II.596 +
644 Ralph de Mortimer MORTIMER-7 IV.164
645 Gwladus Ddu WALES-6; MORTIMER-7 V.298; IV.164
646 William de Brewes BRIWERRE-5 I.557
647 Eve Marshal MARSHALL-3; BRIWERRE-5 IV.47; I.557
648 Bonifacio III, Marquis of Saluzzo SALUZZO-7 IV.553 +
649 Maria di Torres SALUZZO-7 IV.553 +
650 Amédée IV, Count of Savoy SALUZZO-6 IV.552
651 Marguerite of Burgundy BURGUNDY-5; SALUZZO-6 II.29; IV.552
656 Hamelin, Earl of Surrey ENGLAND-3; WARENNE-7 I.22; V.305
657 Isabel de Warenne WARENNE-7 V.305
658 William Marshal MARSHALL-3 IV.47
659 Isabel de Clare PEMBROKE-4; MARSHALL-3 IV.339; IV.47
660 Hugues IX, Count of La Marche ENGLAND-5 I.46 +
661 Agatha de Montrabel ENGLAND-5 I.46 +
662 Adémar III, Count of Angoulême ENGLAND-5 I.44 +
663 Alice of France ENGLAND-5 I.44 +
664 Robert de Vere VERE-1 V.251
665 Isabel de Bolebec VERE-1 V.251
666 Saher de Quincy QUINCY-6 IV.437
667 Margaret of Leicester LEICESTER-7; QUINCY-6 III.559; IV.438
672 Henry II, King of England ENGLAND-4 I.24
673 Eleanor of Aquitaine AQUITAINE-4; ENGLAND-4 I.129; I.24
678 Thomas I, Count of Savoy ENGLAND-6; SALUZZO-6 I.58; IV.552 +
679 Marguerite SALUZZO-6 IV.552 +
680 Philippe II, King of France FRANCE-7 III.24
681 Isabelle of Flanders FRANCE-7 III.24
682 Alfonso VIII, King of Castile CASTILE-5 II.114
683 Eleanor of England ENGLAND-4; CASTILE-5 I.38; II.114
684 Henri I, Duke of Brabant BRABANT-5 I.501
685 Machtild of Boulogne BRABANT-5 I.501
686 Philip, King of Germany BRABANT-6 I.502 +
687 Eirene BRABANT-6 I.502 +
688 Patrick de Chaources CHAWORTH-4 II.136
689 Agnès CHAWORTH-4 II.136
690 William de la Ferté BRIWERRE-3 I.555 +
691 Margery Briwerre BRIWERRE-3 I.555
694 Fulk fitz Warin CHAWORTH-6 II.138
696 Walter de Beauchamp BEAUCHAMP-8 I.284 +
697 Joan de Mortimer BEAUCHAMP-8 I.284 +
698 William Mauduit BEAUCHAMP-7 I.283
699 Alice of Warwick WARWICK-7; BEAUCHAMP-7 V.321; I.283
700 Geoffrey fitz Peter ESSEX-2 II.512
701 Aveline de Clare CLARE-4; ESSEX-2 II.176; II.512
702 Hugh le Bigod BIGOD-7 I.364
703 Maud Marshal See #329, above.
720 Thomas de Berkeley BERKELEY-3 I.325
721 Joan de Somery BERKELEY-3 I.325
722 Richard fitz Roy ENGLAND-5 I.53
723 Rose de Dover ATHOLL-7 I.184
724 William de Ferrers FERRERS-6 II.560
725 Agnes of Chester FERRERS-6 II.560
726 Roger de Quincy QUINCY-7 IV.446
727 Ellen of Galloway QUINCY-7 IV.446
730 Henry Biset CANTELOWE-6 II.83
732 William de Cantelowe CANTELOWE-4 II.78
733 Milicent de Gournay GOURNAY-4; CANTELOWE-4 III.96; II.78
734 William de Brewes See #646, above.
735 Eve Marshal See #647, above.
848 William de Huntingfield HUNTINGFIELD-6 III.374
849 Isabel fitz William HUNTINGFIELD-6 III.374
850 William de Howbridge HUNTINGFIELD-7 III.377
851 Agnes Picot HUNTINGFIELD-7 III.377
854 Roger de Cauz HUNTINGFIELD-8 III.379
924 Henry II, King of England See #672, above.
925 Ida de Tony TONY-5; ENGLAND-4; BIGOD-6 V.172; I.40; I.362
926 William fitz Patrick LONGESPÉE-4 III.597
927 Eleanor de Vitré MORTAIN-4; LONGESPÉE-4 IV.163; III.597
1280 William fitz Alan FITZALAN-6 II.596
1281 N. de Lacy FITZALAN-6 II.596
1282 William d'Aubeney CLIFTON-5; FITZALAN-6 II.252; II.596
1283 Mabel of Chester CHESTER-5; CLIFTON-5; FITZALAN-6 II.154; II.252; II.596
1286 Nicholas de Verdun FITZALAN-7 II.596
1288 Roger de Mortimer MORTIMER-7 IV.164
1289 Isabel de Ferrers MORTIMER-7 IV.164
1290 Llywelyn ap Iorwerth WALES-6; MORTIMER-7 V.298; IV.164
1291 Joan of England ENGLAND-5; WALES-6; MORTIMER-7 I.53; V.298; IV.164
1292 Reynold de Brewes BRIWERRE-4 I.555
1293 Grace Briwerre BRIWERRE-4 I.555
1294 William Marshal See #658, above.
1295 Isabel de Clare See #659, above.
1298 Comita di Torres SALUZZO-7 IV.553
1300 Thomas I, Count of Savoy See #678, above.
1301 Marguerite SALUZZO-6 IV.552
1302 Hugues II, Duke of Burgundy BURGUNDY-5 II.28
1303 Béatrix d'Albon BURGUNDY-5 II.28
1312 Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou ENGLAND-3 I.20
1314 William de Warenne WARENNE-6 V.304
1315 Ela of Ponthieu WARENNE-6 V.304
1316 John fitz Gilbert MARSHALL-2 IV.34
1317 Sibyl of Salisbury LONGESPÉE-2; MARSHALL-2 III.596; IV.34
1318 Richard fitz Gilbert PEMBROKE-4 IV.339
1319 Eve of Leinster PEMBROKE-4 IV.339
1322 Pierre de Montrabel ENGLAND-5 I.46
1326 Pierre of France FRANCE-5; COURTENAY-6; ENGLAND-5 III.21; I.46
1328 Aubrey de Vere VERE-1 V.251
1329 Agnes de Essex VERE-1 V.251
1330 Hugh de Bolebec VERE-1 V.251
1332 Robert de Quincy QUINCY-5 IV.436
1333 Orabel fitz Ness QUINCY-5 IV.436
1334 Robert de Bréteuil LEICESTER-7 III.559
1335 Pernel de Grandmesnil LEICESTER-7 III.559
1344 Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou See #1312, above.
1345 Maud of England ENGLAND-18 I.18
1346 Guillaume X, Duke of Aquitaine AQUITAINE-4 I.128
1347 Aénor de Châtellerault AQUITAINE-4 I.128
1360 Louis VII, King of France FRANCE-6 III.21
1361 Adèle of Bloise BLOIS-3; FRANCE-6 I.392; III.21
1362 Baudouin V, Count of Flanders FRANCE-7 III.24
1363 Marguerite of Flanders FRANCE-7 III.24
1364 Sancho III, King of Castile CASTILE-5 II.114
1365 Blanca of Navarre CASTILE-5 II.114
1366 Henry II, King of England See #672, above.
1367 Eleanor of Aquitaine See #673, above.
1368 Gottfried III, Duke of Brabant BRABANT-5 I.501
1369 Marguerite of Limburgh BRABANT-5 I.501
1370 Mathieu of Flanders BRABANT-5 I.499
1371 Mary of England BRABANT-5 I.499
1374 Isaac Angelus, Emperor of Byzantium BRABANT-6 I.502
1376 Pain de Chaources CHAWORTH-3 II.135
1382 William Briwerre BRIWERRE-3 I.551
1383 Beatrice de Valle BRIWERRE-3 I.551
1394 Roger de Mortimer BEAUCHAMP-8 I.284
1396 Robert Mauduit BEAUCHAMP-6 I.283
1397 Isabel Basset BEAUCHAMP-6 I.283
1398 Waleran of Warwick WARWICK-7 V.320
1399 Alice de Harcourt WARWICK-7 V.320
1400 Peter de Ludgershall ESSEX-1 II.509
1401 Maud ESSEX-1 II.509
1402 Roger de Clare CLARE-4 II.176
1403 Maud de Saint Hilary CLARE-4; CLIFTON-4 II.176; II.252
1404 Roger le Bigod BIGOD-6 I.362
1405 Ida de Tony See #925, above.
1440 Maurice fitz Robert fitz Harding BERKELEY-3 I.325
1441 Alice de Berkeley BERKELEY-3 I.325
1442 Ralph de Somery SOMERY-2; BERKELEY-3 IV.671; I.325
1443 Margaret le Gras SOMERY-2; BERKELEY-3 IV.671; I.325
1444 John, King of England See #336, above.
1445 N. de Warenne WARENNE-7; ENGLAND-5 V.308; I.53
1446 Fulbert de Dover ATHOLL-8 I.183
1447 Isabel Briwerre BRIWERRE-3; ATHOLL-8 I.554; I.183
1448 William de Ferrers FERRERS-6 II.560
1449 Sibyl de Briouze FERRERS-6 II.560
1450 Hugh, Earl of Chester CHESTER-5 II.150
1451 Bertrade de Montfort CHESTER-5 II.151
1452 Saher de Quincy See #666, above.
1453 Margaret of Leicester See #667, above.
1454 Alan fitz Roland QUINCY-7 IV.446
1455 N. de Lacy QUINCY-7 IV.446
1464 William de Cantelowe CANTELOWE-3 II.75
1465 Masceline de Bracy CANTELOWE-3 II.75
1466 Hugh de Gournay GOURNAY-4 III.95
1467 Juliane de Dammartin DAMMARTIN-3; GOURNAY-4 II.385; III.95
1696 Roger de Huntingfield HUNTINGFIELD-5 III.373
1697 Alice de Senlis HUNTINGFIELD-5 III.373
1698 William fitz Roger HUNTINGFIELD-6 III.374
1699 Aeliva HUNTINGFIELD-6 III.374
1702 Robert Picot HUNTINGFIELD-7 III.377
1850 Ralph de Tony TONY-5 V.171
1851 Margaret of Leicester LEICESTER-6; TONY-5 III.559; V.171
1852 Patrick of Salisbury LONGESPÉE-3 III.596
1853 Ela of Ponthieu See #1315, above.
1854 Robert de Vitré MORTAIN-4 IV.162
1855 Emma de Dinan RICHMOND-5; MORTAIN-4 IV.483; IV.162
2562 Hugh de Lacy FITZALAN-6 II.596
2564 William d'Aubeney CLIFTON-4 II.252
2565 Maud de Saint Hilary See #1403, above.
2566 Hugh, Earl of Chester See #1450, above.
2567 Bertrade de Montefort See #1451, above.
2578 Walkelin de Ferrers MORTIMER-7 IV.164
2580 Iorwerth Drwyndwn ab Owain WALES-6 V.298
2581 Margaret WALES-6 V.298
2582 John, King of England See #336, above.
2583 Clemence ENGLAND-5 I.52
2584 William de Brewes BRIWERRE-4 I.555
2585 Maud de Saint Valery BRIWERRE-4 I.555
2586 William Briwerre See #1382, above.
2587 Beatrice de Valle See #1383, above.
2602 Guillaume I, Count of Genève SALUZZO-6 IV.552
2604 Eudes II, Duke of Burgundy BURGUNDY-4 IV.28
2605 Marie de Blois BLOIS-3; BURGUNDY-4 I.392; IV.28
2606 Guigues X, Count of Viennois BURGUNDY-5 IV.28
2607 Béatrix BURGUNDY-5 IV.28
2624 Foulques V, Count of Anjou ENGLAND-3 I.20
2625 Eremburge of Maine ENGLAND-3 I.20
2628 William de Warenne WARENNE-6 V.304
2629 Isabel de Vermandois VERMANDOIS-5; WARENNE-6 V.271; V.304
2630 Guillaume III, Count of Ponthieu WARENNE-6 V.304
2631 Ela of Burgundy WARENNE-6 V.304
2632 Gilbert MARSHALL-1 IV.33
2634 Walter of Salisbury LONGESPÉE-2; MARSHALL-2 III.595; IV.34
2635 Sibyl de Chaources LONGESPÉE-2; MARSHALL-2 III.595; IV.34
2636 Gilbert fitz Gilbert PEMBROKE-3 IV.336
2637 Isabel of Meulan VERMANDOIS-5; PEMBROKE-3 V.273; IV.336
2638 Dermot McMurrough, King of Leinster PEMBROKE-4 IV.339
2639 Mor PEMBROKE-4 IV.339
2652 Louis VI, King of France FRANCE-5 III.20
2653 Alix of Savoy FRANCE-5 III.20
2658 Henry de Essex VERE-1 V.251
2664 Saher de Quincy FITZ WALTER-4; QUINCY-5 II.644; IV.436
2665 Maud de Senlis FITZ WALTER-4; QUINCY-5 II.644; IV.436
2666 Ness fitz William QUINCY-5 IV.436
2668 Robert de Meulan LEICESTER-6 III.558
2669 Amice de Gael LEICESTER-6 III.558
2670 Hugh de Grandmesnil LEICESTER-6 III.559
2690 Henry I, King of England ENGLAND-2 I.8
2691 Maud of Scotland SCOTLAND-1; ENGLAND-2 IV.578; I.8
2692 Guillaume IX, Duke of Aquitaine AQUITAINE-3 I.126
2693 Philippe of Toulouse AQUITAINE-3 I.126
2694 Amaury I, Vicomte of Châtellerault AQUITAINE-4 I.128
2695 Dangéreuse AQUITAINE-4 I.128
2720 Louis VI, King of France See #2652, above.
2721 Alix of Savoy See #2653, above.
2722 Thibaut IV, Count of Blois BLOIS-3 I.391
2723 Mathilde of Carinthia BLOIS-3 I.391
2726 Thierri, Count of Flanders FRANCE-7 III.24
2730 García VI Ramírez, King of Navarre CASTILE-5 II.114
2738 Heinrich I, Count of Limburg BRABANT-5 I.501
2740 Thierri, Count of Flanders BRABANT-4 I.499
2741 Sibyl of Anjou BRABANT-4 I.499
2742 Stephen, King of England BRABANT-3 I.496
2743 Maud of Boulogne BOULOGNE-2; BRABANT-3 I.496
2752 Patrick de Chaources CHAWORTH-2 II.134
2753 Wiburge CHAWORTH-2 II.134
2764 Thomas Briwerre BRIWERRE-2 I.551
2765 N. de Albemarle BRIWERRE-2 I.551
2792 William Mauduit BEAUCHAMP-5 I.282
2793 Isabel de Senlis BEAUCHAMP-5 I.282
2794 Thurstan Basset BEAUCHAMP-6 I.283
2796 Roger of Warwick WARWICK-6 V.319
2797 Gundred de Warenne VERMANDOIS-5; WARWICK-6 V.274; V.319
2798 Robert de Harcourt WARWICK-7 V.320
2799 Isabel de Camville WARWICK-7 V.320
2804 Richard fitz Gilbert CLARE-3 II.174
2805 Alice of Chester CLARE-3 II.174
2806 James de Saint Hilary CLARE-4 II.176
2807 Aveline CLARE-4 II.176
2808 Hugh le Bigod BIGOD-6 I.362
2809 Juliane de Vere BIGOD-6 I.362
2882 Roger de Berkeley BERKELEY-3 I.325
2884 John de Somery SOMERY-1 IV.671
2885 Hawise Paynell SOMERY-1 IV.671
2886 William le Gras SOMERY-2 IV.671
2887 N. Marshal MARSHALL-2; SOMERY-2 IV.39; IV.671
2890 Hamelin, Earl of Surrey See #656, above.
2891 Isabel de Warenne See #657, above.
2892 John de Dover ATHOLL-7 I.183
2893 Rohese de Lucy ATHOLL-7 I.183
2894 William Briwerre See #1382, above.
2895 Beatrice de Valle See #1383, above.
2898 William de Briouze FERRERS-6 II.560
2900 Ranulf de Gernons CHESTER-4 II.148
2901 Maud of Gloucester CHESTER-4 II.148
2902 Simon de Montfort CHESTER-5 II.151
2903 Maud CHESTER-5 II.151
2910 Roger de Lacy QUINCY-7 IV.446
2928 Walter de Cantelowe CANTELOWE-2 II.73
2929 Amice CANTELOWE-2 II.73
2930 Audulf de Bracy CANTELOWE-3 II.75
2932 Hugh de Gournay GOURNAY-3 III.94
2933 Milicent de Coucy GOURNAY-3 III.94
2934 Aubrey de Dammartin DAMMARTIN-3 II.382
2935 Mahout of Clermont CLERMONT-2; DAMMARTIN-3 II.235; II.382
3392 William de Huntingfield HUNTINGFIELD-5 III.374
3393 Sibyl de Gigny HUNTINGFIELD-5 III.374
3394 Saher de Quincy See #2664, above.
3395 Maud de Senlis See #2665, above.
3700 Roger de Tony TONY-4 V.170
3701 Ida de Hainault TONY-4 V.170
3702 Robert de Meulan See #2668, above.
3703 Amice de Gael See #2669, above.
3704 Walter of Salisbury See #2634, above.
3705 Sibyl de Chaources See #2635, above.
3708 Robert de Vitré MORTAIN-3 IV.162
3709 Emma de la Guerche MORTAIN-4 IV.162
3710 Alan de Dinan RICHMOND-4 IV.482
3711 Agnorie of Brittany RICHMOND-4 IV.482

Generation XIX — 16× great grandparents

Generation XX — 17× great grandparents

Generation XXI — 18× great grandparents

Generation XXII — 19× great grandparents

Generation XXIII — 20× great grandparents

Generation XXIV — 21× great grandparents

Generation XXV — 22× great grandparents

Generation XXVI — 23× great grandparents

Generation XXVII — 24× great grandparents

Generation XXVIII — 25× great grandparents

Generation XXIX — 26× great grandparents

Royal Ancestry includes further generation, but I have not yet indexed them.

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