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This is an addendum to the list of my ancestors showing the individuals that I believe are probably the ancestors of Jane Lovell, one of my 9× great grandparents. They are not currently in the main table because I still regard as inconclusive the evidence for Jane being a member of the Lovell family of Eling.

Generation XVIII — 15× great grandparents

Name Date of birth Place of birth Date of death
146 496 Richard Lovell Eling, Hampshire (?)
146 497 Agnes Mullward
292 992 John Lovell Hampshire (?)
292 993 Joanne White Eling, Hampshire (?)
292 994 William Mullward
585 984 John Lovell Hampshire (?)
585 986 William White Hampshire (?)

Generation XIX — 16× great grandparents

Generation XX — 17× great grandparents

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